Enabling Personalized Medicine

Empire Genomics offers completely integrated services focused on providing diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and disease-monitoring information for the oncology market. Our flexible and collaborative approach enables personalized medicine by making advanced clinical disease management tools available to oncologists, pathologists and cytogenetic groups. We work with our clients to help make critical healthcare decisions that ultimately improve patient outcomes.

"Our mission is to improve individual patient care through the integration of innovative molecular diagnostic technology."

We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality by catering to our clients needs and customizing our service options, breadth of tests offerings, and appropriate technologies to ensure each project yields successful solutions. Our fully certified facility adheres to the strictest quality standards and scrupulous HIPAA compliance.

Our clinical services are driven by our expertise in cancer biology, genomic technologies and a history of working with thousands of specimen types with a specialty in managing complex samples. Further, our clinical assays are supported by combining the best from the research world with clinical translations backed by our renowned scientific and medical advisory board.

Our Collaborative Approach

Empire Genomics is an essential part of a clinical care paradigm in which our genomic experts work together with oncologists, pathologists, and genetic counselors to ensure an integrated continuum of clinical oncology care.

Our expertise and focus on providing solutions, rather than offering technologies, is what sets us apart from other molecular diagnostics companies. We educate you on the strengths and weaknesses of a given technology and work with you to select the ideal solution for your clinical needs.

While our genomics solutions approach is tailored to each practice's needs, every client can expect the following support:

  • Clear informative results
  • Test utilization management
  • Transparency on turnaround time (TAT)
  • Integration with specialty practices
  • Personalized attention
  • Consultations on testing results and implications

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Empire Genomics is fully approved, accredited and licensed by:

  • New York State – PFI 8680
  • CLIA - 33D2043745
  • CAP - 8663692
  • California State - COS 800496